Basic Account Info

Q.What can I do if I forget my password?

A.That's no problem. If you forget your password, just tell us your email address, and we'll send it to you. Easy!

Q.How do I create a new account?

A.Creating an account is simple. Our system will automatically ask for your contact information to set up an account when it is needed (when you place an order). If you'd like to create an account immediately, simply click the Sign Up link at the top of the page.

Q.Do I have to create an account?

A.We know people don't like to create accounts on a website unless they have to. So go ahead, browse through our products, read our resources, and enjoy. We won't ask for your contact information until you actually place an order, which we'll use to create your account. With an account, you will then be able to easily access all of your order information, including past orders and the status of existing ones.

Q.How do I change my account information?

A.You can easily change your account information by going to your account page and editing your profile information. To get to your account page from anywhere on the website, simply click the Sign In or Sign Up link at the top of the page.

Q.What is your privacy policy?

A.Our privacy policy is simple: We will not share any of your company or personal information or data with any of our partners or vendors.