Tampa-based ALL PRO Printing and Direct Marketing uses recessionary pressures to retool and grow using state-of-the-art technology.

Date: January 26, 2015


Tampa, FL – It’s a story that has played out in many businesses in numerous industries since 2007.  When the recession hit, companies were forced to do more with less, offer more value-added services and become even more competitive – often with a severely reduced staff.  This was also the reality facing ALLPRO in 2007, and saw the company staff reductions and what appeared to be tough times ahead.  But for ALLPRO, the recession was also an opportunity.  It spurred this high-volume printing company to seek out the tools and technologies needed to provide what few other national printing companies could. They also diversified their client base and re-thought their delivery of services.  The end result?  ALLPRO is now an $8 million a year business dependent upon technology to bring costs down for clients and increase production. 

Founded in 1982 and purchased by Tom McLaren and Shean Hylton in 1996, ALLPRO is leading service provider for the direct mail marketing industry.  Since 1996, ALLPRO has executed millions of direct mail marketing campaigns for the insurance, automotive, education, and service industries. Over the next five years, ALLPRO will have invested more than $4 million in its technology infrastructure.  The recession gave ALLPRO the spark it needed to add equipment, like a $1 million Xerox iGen 150 Press digital printing press, and new services like converged marketing to its client toolkit.

“We had to not only work harder, but we had to work smarter and leaner,” said Tom McLaren.  “Offering new services, like converged marketing, where the digital print world and the online world of search engine optimization come together for powerful results, is what separates us from the competition.” 

They also became even more involved on the US Postal Forum and other advocacy groups for the direct mail marketing industry. Through on-going participation in NAFA, the National Association of Fixed Annuities, and took on leadership roles within their Education Committees and through assistance in policy crafting.  This, in turn, led them to other vertical providers, like insurance companies and brokers. 

“ALLPRO is constantly updating their equipment for faster, more efficient delivery of consistently high-quality products,” said Scott Hinds, director of membership and development for the NAFA. “But what we really admire is their reliability.  They are more of a trade partner to us than a vendor.” 

Andrew Paparozzi, vice president and chief economist for the National Association of Print Leadership, agrees with the ALLPRO approach to growth. 

“When nothing much is changing, finding better ways to do what we’ve always done is good enough.  But our industry isn’t simply changing—it’s being redefined, making it essential that we plan effectively, based on all favorable business intelligence that can be gained from the marketplace to the shop floor,” said Paparozzi.   

Converged marketing is a great example of how companies like ALLPRO are redefining the printing industry.  Converged marketing is a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing program that creates a unified customer experience between digital and print media that are connected via strategy, a constantly learning feedback mechanism and metrics.  Used to promote websites with good keyword densities that are getting good results through SEO efforts, converged marketing allows ALLPRO to use those keywords to purchase a list of people who match the client’s demographic target and purchasing behaviors, and then generate a direct mailer that is filled with those keywords.  The mailer drives the reader to a Personalized URL, or pURL, where they can track what keywords they focus in on and what triggers made them respond to our message. The pURL would feature products they’re interested in and a personalized welcome, even in the URL.  Based upon their interaction with the pURL, ALLPRO can then further fine tune the keywords optimized on the website.  So digital drives print and print drives digital — two seemingly unlikely partners just a few short years ago.

“Technology is the key,” said McLaren.  “Strategies like converged marketing are only possible when you leverage technology in new and beneficial ways.” 

By comparing the weekly SEO metrics and the pURL metrics, ALLPRO can match what interested that particular prospect and fine-tune our optimization strategy.  This is also a good way to break through the digital clutter, as studies show that direct mail response rates are up 14% from 2004.  We can even use variable imaging to “show” someone in their direct mail piece exactly what they were interested in online, making it even more personalized.

“ALLPRO is on the leading edge of print industry IT,” said Pratik Roychoudhury, CEO of Tampa-based Shield Watch IT Services and a Wharton School of Business MBA. “They not only weathered the recession, but they have thrived and grown despite economic pressures.  That took technology and just good, old-fashioned business sense.” 

ALLPRO also offers SMS, or text, marketing, as well as website development, direct mail fulfillment and both large offset print runs and one-to-one digital-based print solutions. Plus, ALLPRO practices what it preaches.  It is about to launch its own new website, that will feature online ordering and lots of tools to help simplify print and digital campaigns for companies of all sizes.  ALLPRO will unveil its new site, and its many new capabilities at LeadsCon – the top performance marketing conference in the U.S.   LeadsCon will be held in Las Ve­gas in March, 2015. LeadsCon showcases the best people and companies in vertical media and direct-response marketing. More than 5,000 people with an interest in vertical media and direct response market­ing rely each year on LeadsCon for unparalleled in­sights and access to marketing leaders. For the first time in its history, ALLPRO will now be able to provide information on print and digital innovation on both sides of the trade show aisle.

“LeadsCon is a great opportunity for us to show how ALLPRO is now capable of delivering best-in-class print and digital solutions that are totally interactive and completely measurable,” said McLaren.

AllPro Direct Marketing has over 25 years experience in the printing and direct mail industries. Their teams of professionals bring decades of experience in marketing, graphic design, mailing lists & database management, printing, direct mail and lettershop operations. This experience has helped them focus on providing our customers with high quality, results-driven products combined with excellent one-on-one customer service.

To contact ALLPRO’s CEO Tom McLaren directly, please call 866-472-3982.