Layout Templates - Using One of Ours

The layout templates available below are just that: templates. They don't include any actual designs, per se, but they are still way cool and helpful. Why? Because of what they do provide -- namely guidelines meant to help ensure your finished print piece comes out exactly as you intended. Each template includes bleed lines, cut lines, and the often overlooked safety margin. The templates can be used in a wide variety of software applications, and we are one of the few printing firms that provide this valuable service. We hope our layout templates will save you some time and possibly a few headaches, as well, by eliminating production issues that might otherwise delay your order or increase your costs.

Our templates can be used with any of the following applications.

  • InDesign Guidelines InDesign Guidelines
  • Illustrator Guidelines Illustrator Guidelines
  • Photoshop Guidelines Photoshop Guidelines
  • QuarkXpress Guidelines QuarkXpress Guidelines
  • CorelDRAW Guidelines CorelDRAW Guidelines
  • Publisher Guidelines Publisher Guidelines
Using Our Templates - A Video Tutorial
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Note: Choose What's Best for You. If you do not want to use one of our layout templates, you can click here for guidelines about bleeds, cut lines, and safety margins.